Saturday, May 15, 2010

Clinic Postponed

For those of you looking forward to this years floorball clinic with Jani Kukola and Jani Naumanen we have some sad news. Unfortunately it has been postponed indefinitely.

Due to shortage of funding and also with the Men's WFC being in Finland this year they're all preparing for a lot to happen there.

Although we will miss having them here we want to wish them and all the teams playing in the WFC 2010 all the best.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Labour Day Floorball Challenge

What a long weekend but what an awesome one. For the last 3 years or so we've been organizing this fun event for local Penang clubs and also one or 2 teams from KL.

This year we were graced by the presence of two wonderful teams all the way from Singapore...NTU Hurricanes and SGS ( we fondly now know them as here) making up the total of 8 teams that we had attending this years LDFC. The other teams being Innebandy!Co., Ztec 1 & 2, Contact and Dalat 1 & 2.

Unfortunately, Subang Rascals - Defending Champs who have held the title and taken home the challenge trophy for the last few years were not able to make the games this year due to a conflict of events scheduled.

All the Singaporeans were here actually for two main reasons - a great time playing floorball and a great time exploring the wonderful cuisine that Penang has to offer like assam laksa, curry mee (curry laksa for the Singaporeans reading this), char koay teow and anything and everything else that Gurney drive and all the other food joints have to offer. Main goal - not to worry about whether or not the take home any medals but they had to make sure that their belly was satisfied.

Now, having said all the above, some of our local teams were out to draw some blood from the games. They came with guns blazing and it was really fun to watch all these teams vie for a spot at the top. They were all ready, willing and able to push everything to the limit.

From the 2 pools that were drawn up we had after the first day of games the top of the table teams Innebandy, Ztec 1, Contact and Dalat 1. The bottom of the table teams were Hurricanes, SGS Juniors, Ztec 2 and Dalat 2. It was a very very long Saturday.

Sunday was awesome because from the crossover pool Dalat 1 and team Contact had a difficult time playing teams from the "group of death". So both our teams had already decided that we'd meet each other in the finals for 3rd and 4th place. True to expectations that's exactly what happened. Both finals were exhilarating from start to finish.

Team Contact took the lead 3-0 the first half. In the 2nd half although very shorthanded Dalat 1 fought their way back and tied the game at 3-3 but team Contact were relentless and their never say give up attitude won them a 3rd place spot on the podium in the tournament as they finished out the game 5-3.

Team Innebandy and Ztec 1 also had a similar final, From start to finish everyone was on the edge of their seat. Supporters willing their teams to go on and score....ooohhs and aaahhhs every time there was a near miss...screams of ecstasy every time their goalie saved one from going in....what a night and unfortunately there had to be a winner and a loser. At the end of regulation time Innebandy had snatched the gold medal and also the challenge trophy from Ztec's hands. So close yet so far....for team Ztec the have next year to look forward to try and steal it from this years champs Innebandy!Co. And for the reigning champs bragging rights to have their names inscribed into the challenge trophy for years to come and also a chance to defend their title next year.

To all the people who were referees and helpers at the table, timekeepers, Alvin (Salibandy), teams from Singapore and Steve Liss who found the hockey score clock for us to use a HUGE THANK YOU for all the assistance and time you gave into making this tournament possible and as smooth as it was.

We hope to see you again next year.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Floorball News

If you remember sometime around the same time last year and also the previous year we had a few great floorballers come in to town and assist in helping us grow in our skills. What an awesome time we had!! :-)

This year we're looking at these great floorballers back in Penang again. How awesome is it when we have some of the world's best come and assist us in making our game better. It's like having your favourite "superstar" footballers like Ronaldinho, Messi and Torres take time out from their busy schedule, come in to little Penang wanting to teach the kids here how to be better footballers and they only have 10 kids show up to a training clinic because Mat Rempit is holding his own training session for his club at the same time and isn't interested in cancelling it.....what a total waste of their time and talent. We hear that and we get incensed that something like it would happen.

Unfortunately it has been like that for the last couple of years because of the lack of interest from the local floorball scene. We'd rather hold our own practice session than to glean from the years of experience of these top international players. Dismal numbers to show for both clinics....disappointing to say the least. Maybe that's why Malaysian floorball is where it's a stand still.

Let's not this slip thru the cracks and let's get this game going here in Malaysia and onto the next level.


Look out for information regarding the clinic coming to a gym near you.

If you'd like more info on the up and coming clinic you can e-mail us at and we'll get back to you a.s.a.p.

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Been Awhile long has it been?? Too long I guess.

It's been a quiet year for the Eagles, floorball wise. Whether it been a fruitful one is yet to be determined. We're drawing closer to the Junior Floorball Carnival and also the Labour Day Floorball Challenge. As we draw closer to the day my heart as team manager/ captain/ coach skips a beat. The chance to showcase my players and team always gets the better of me. Are we at a place where we can dominate....probably not. :-) But the real test is to me the test not of just skill but of determination, self-control and the true spirit of floorball.

Soon all will be revealed.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pics From Our Recent Clinic

Poorly Attended World Class Clinic

A year ago we had the first No. 1 world ranked floorball player from Finland. His name, Jani Kukola, in Penang helping us run a clinic. This year yet again we had the opportunity to host not just one but two great players, one of them being the No. 1 world ranked floorball goalkeeper also from Finland. For those of you who missed out on being at our clinic with Jani and Jukka, all I can say is what an unfortunate loss it is for you.

Words escape me when we have such great world class players flying in to little ol’ Penang where we’re trying to (“desperately” so it seems but I guess NOT) grow floorball; and we only draw a crowd of a handful of people. The minimal charge of RM20 (the equivalent of 4 Euros)for the clinic was just too much to pay for this (which by the way was in the end waived) star-studded clinic. This shows me how small our minds are and also why our level of sports and floorball is where it’s at.

Yes, it was sort of “last minute” that we got word of their coming here to run a clinic……2 weeks notice. Yes, it was to be mainly for goalkeepers with Jani being the main attraction. Yes, Jukka was sort of an unknown to us other than the fact that he ONLY plays in Finlands Div 1.

What an embarrassing turn out with only 3 goalkeepers and 10 other people showing up to what should’ve been a no brainer to show up to. The questions that run constantly thru my mind…..are we really committed, are we really serious, are we driven by peoples hearsay….the list continues.

But for those who had a chance to be there, to take part in the clinic, their praise and gratitude unending. The wealth of information that was poured out in just the 3 hours from the years of experience, unparalleled. Could you get this type of information from going to club training…yes, to a fraction of a degree of our finite knowledge of floorball. The best 3 hours of floorball that we’ve had in a long time.

Hopefully……….next year will be different and will have more of a showing.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Floorball Clinic

Hey everyone out there. Hope all's been going well.

Just wanted to let you know that we've gotten a great opportunity. We'll be hosting a clinic in Penang at the Dalat International School gym. This is a MUST, especially for all aspiring goalkeepers and anyone else interested in playing this great game. This clinic will be open to all.

Jani Naumanen and Jukka Suomalainen will be here on the 20th of June to run this 3 hour clinic.
Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Click on the links below to find out more details about these two players who will be coming to our very own court.

Jani Naumanen, Goal keeper
Team, Tapanilan Era
World Champion 2008

I have now seen his playing this week and can say his movement is super good!!! Definitely much to see and learn for any goalkeeper in Asia!

Jukka Suomalainen, forward
Team, JosBa

Super good shot, definitely harder and more accurate that anyone in Asia!!!

For more details or to register, please contact Jason Selvanayagam at 0125959811.